Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Kohl’s Lost a Customer Forever

 I will never shop at Kohl’s again. EVER!

Shane and I went to the store last week to update our wardrobe, which was in desperate need of updating. I found lots of great clothes to purchase and during checkout, the cashier convinced me to apply for the store credit card to get a huge discount on my total. I figured what the heck… I got 35% off my stuff and on the contract, the store manager authorized I would get 35% my purchases on my next visit. Despite a 30% interest rate on the card (Are they insane?), I still got the card. I don’t ever carry a balance on such cards anyway. 

I went back to the store yesterday all ready to use my additional 35% discount. I shopped and shopped, but settled on a couple pairs of slacks that fit me like a glove. I go up to the cashier and show her my contract with the authorization for my discount. Her response was this… “Oh, we can’t give discounts on Lee-brand products.” 

What? I just said, in that case I don’t want the pants and left. Thanks for wasting my time. I could have argued… the handwritten statement on my contract said “35% off my next purchase.” There was no exclusions listed. I just decided then and there no more jumping through the ridiculous hoops Kohl’s makes you jump through to get their discounts… no Kohl’s kash… no buy one get one half off. Just price your damn crap at a fair price and sell it. 

I did find on their website this page about exclusions —(

I was shocked how many products they sell are exempt from any discounts. There are a buttload—not just Lee-brand items. It would be hard to find things not excluded. Their whole discount model is such a scam. I’m cancelling my credit card with them and will never buy from them again. I’m turning into a grumpy old man who does shit like this.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Yeah… I Know… It’s Been A While

This is Dinah relaxing on the hassock. She turned 3 last month. She is the best 

What’s going on with us? Since last time I posted, we spent the summer and fall in Maine last year. Over the winter we decided that, even though our house in Maine was beautiful, it just wasn’t right for us. We called our realtor in Maine and listed it as a “pocket listing.” We closed the house down for the winter, so it was hardly in shape for putting on the market. Just a few days later, we had a buyer… all cash, no contingencies. We were shocked. 

Anyway… the house in Maine is sold. We are currently a one-house family again. That house is in Rising Sun, Maryland, which is a rural town where I grew up and most of my family still lives. The new plan is to move back to a city. We’ve lived in New York City and Washington DC in the past, but as retirees, those cities have high costs of living. We are actively looking at another city that is much more affordable. We’ve been exploring this city and think we’ll love living there… but everyone thinks we are crazy when they find out which city we are looking to live in.  It does have a bit of a high-crime reputation. Baltimore.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Mid-Week Trip to NYC to See 'Funny Girl'

Shane and I went to New York City Tuesday for a quick, last-minute 2 night stay. We got tickets to see the revival of 'Funny Girl' with Beanie Feldstein and Jane Lynch. We had a pretty good time. The first act is definitely much better than the second. From the time we bought our tickets to the time we actually saw the show, the show officially opened and the reviews came out.  They were mostly not great. I agreed pretty much with the Times review. The problem with the show isn't that it doesn't star the original Funny Girl (Barbra), but that the plot of the show is VERY dated. Anyway... it was fun and it has been a long time since there was anything on Broadway I wanted to see. 

Yesterday we walked around Greenwich Village and had a late breakfast at a diner there. I gorged myself on pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. It was so good. Later last night we celebrated our 24th anniversary a bit early by having dinner at Chez Josephines in Mid-Town. It's a great restaurant with naked pics of Josephine Baker all over the place. They have a pianist playing dinner music and delicious food. We shared a bottle of wine. Shane had a steak and I had the grilled salmon. For dessert we split the chocolate mousse cake. It came out with "Happy Anniversary" written on the plate along with a lit candle. 

After dinner, we met up with one of my nieces who lives in NYC, and sang the night away at a piano bar in the Village... Marie's Crisis is the name of the club and it is a lot of fun if you like show tunes... which I do. It was a fun (but oh so pricey) short trip.