Monday, April 13, 2020

We Can Drink Our Well Water--Clearly Filtered

We have never drank the water that comes out of our faucet. We have well water and our basement looks like Star Wars with all the equipment we have that makes our water safe to use. Even so, the water still was kind of gross. It isn't supposed to have have any bacteria or radon now and it smelled okay, but we would not drink it because it wasn't clear. We would wash our clothes with it and shower in it, but not use it to drink or cook. We were assured it was fine to drink, but come on... it was yellow.

Finally, we decided to buy a water filter pitcher to treat the water. After doing some research, we decide on the Clearly Filtered brand pitcher. They had a demo on their website showing the filter treating water tainted with red food coloring coming out crystal clear. We gave it a try and it works! Now do not have to buy gallon after gallon of bottled water. It is amazing! Our water is clear! You can see the difference! I can't stop using exclamation marks! We highly recommend this company and we are not being paid to endorse them.

The full price of the pitcher was $75, but it was on sale when we got it and then I found a coupon code by searching Google. I ended up paying around $57. Though it came slightly damaged, they guarantee the pitcher forever and are sending me a replacement part at no charge. Luckily, a piece of tape made the part usable for now.


  1. There is nothing more off-putting than yellow water. Good find! (I borrowed one of your exclamation points.)

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