Sunday, December 27, 2020

Merry Belated Christmas from Maryland

 I'm very bad about posting while we are down in Maryland and the holidays have been a busy time. We've been in Maryland for 2 and a half weeks now. I still plan on posting some pictures of the improvements we made to the house. First, I thought I'd post some pics of our holiday celebration with family. Shane and I hosted Christmas dinner at our house with my mom, sister, two of my nieces and one of their husbands. Usually, there are many more, but our house struggled to hold seven. 

In our living room opening presents. My mom is on the left, my sister is on the far right, I'm with one of my nieces and the other is masked with her hubby. We got our fireplace insert put in during this trip also. 

Christmas dinner. Shane was there, but was taking all the pics. I cooked my first ham.

Shane sets a pretty table. 

This is our family's annual Christmas selfie at my sister's home the day after Christmas. My mom is in the middle next to Shane. My triplet nieces are in the front and my sis behind my mom. Two of the triplets' hubbies flank Shane.

My sis and me.

Shane and me.

My mom is into llamas. 

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  1. Never to late for a 'Merry Xmas' wish, Mark - so let this one be for the one just gone or, if really too late, carry it over to next year, when you should be getting one from me then as well. And it's good wishes to the whole merry gang of you, resplendent there in your shared jollity. At least next year we can be sure it won't be masked, can't we? (CAN'T we?)