Monday, May 8, 2023

Yeah… I Know… It’s Been A While

This is Dinah relaxing on the hassock. She turned 3 last month. She is the best 

What’s going on with us? Since last time I posted, we spent the summer and fall in Maine last year. Over the winter we decided that, even though our house in Maine was beautiful, it just wasn’t right for us. We called our realtor in Maine and listed it as a “pocket listing.” We closed the house down for the winter, so it was hardly in shape for putting on the market. Just a few days later, we had a buyer… all cash, no contingencies. We were shocked. 

Anyway… the house in Maine is sold. We are currently a one-house family again. That house is in Rising Sun, Maryland, which is a rural town where I grew up and most of my family still lives. The new plan is to move back to a city. We’ve lived in New York City and Washington DC in the past, but as retirees, those cities have high costs of living. We are actively looking at another city that is much more affordable. We’ve been exploring this city and think we’ll love living there… but everyone thinks we are crazy when they find out which city we are looking to live in.  It does have a bit of a high-crime reputation. Baltimore.


  1. Well, blow me down! Had to look up your previous posts AND your profile to remind myself of just who you are. Now that my memory's been refreshed I can only say "Welcome back (for now?)" Stay a little longer this time, please. And do give our regards and best wishes to the lovely Dinah, will you. Till next time then?

    1. Nice t hear from you Raybeard! Hope you are well. I can’t make any promises about my ability to stick with the blog… my track record speaks for itself. Time will tell. Hoping I can do better.

    2. Blogger is driving me batty…. Not sure how my name was set as Anonymous.

    3. Hope you can overcome your blog problems, Mark - and increase your number of followers. I'll keep checking. ((I am indeed well, thanks, as I trust that you and those close and precious to you are).